Pay for parking conveniently!

Join Mobilly to pay for parking in Riga, Liepāja or Daugavpils from your phone. No need to search for coins or predict the parking period. Use text messages or apps to activate and stop parking. Moreover, use your balance to pay for other services as well.

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  • Order sticker and parking map

    Order Mobilly stickers for free here.

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    Use Mobilly on your smartphone for more convenient parking.

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  1. Put the Mobilly sticker on the front window

    You can get the sticker for free in Statoil, Narvesen, Galleria Riga info center or order it here!

  2. When controllers see the Mobilly sticker, they check your car number in the payers’ list

  3. Text to park

    Text START, the number of your car and parking zone that you're in to 1859.
    Example: START FT6911 B

    Map of parking zones!


  4. Text to stop parking

    Text STOP to 1859